Bulgarian Hit

Eyes Wide Open

“Again, men in general desire the good, and not merely what their fathers had.”

Our three rescues decided to take Alexander’s offer of a safe haven and will probably be spending the next few days at his penthouse. I know they all went through quite an ordeal but with two Daeva in the group I can’t help but think there’s interested in more than safety by accepting our sire’s hospitality. When he informed the family, I could have sworn I heard the slightest trace of contempt in his voice which almost suggested he was either thinking something similar or upset at the idea that there would be Kindred outside the family staying at one of his sanctuaries. I’m only thankful he didn’t ask me to stay behind and babysit since the Witches are gone and I’m able to start building a future here.

My first night out without worry for a coven of Witches lighting me on fire was exciting, to say the least. I’m still trying to make things work with Vita but every aspect of our relationship seems so drastically one sided. She feels very disconnected from everything happening around her, almost as though she’d rather be curled up on a couch with one of her books than out seeing what the night had to offer. Maybe it’s her age, maybe it’s the company she keeps. Still, it was nice to see her perk up a little later in the night.

Vita introduced me to a place known as the Goblin Market tonight which felt like nothing short of entering a new world. I’d never even dream so many supernatural things could exist in one place and the marvels were nothing short of incredible. A woman who sold bottomless purses, a man who made indestructible weapons in exchange for blood, a slaver who keeps other Supernaturals like livestock, a man who sells pets out of a magical cage, a fortune teller who can see the future, another still that can answer any question at only the highest of costs. Even the more mundane, like the little girl who sold paper flowers, was truly fantastical and strange. Stranger still is that I with the exception of the second fortune teller, never once did I feel as though any of the vendors asked too high a price. Vita said that it took her quite a bit of work to merit an invitation to the market and it’s easy to see why. Still had I not been with her I undoubtedly would’ve been even more lost than I already was. I bartered for a few things that caught my eye: a white lion who seemed more intelligent than most humans I’ve known, a keychain I’m not even sure has a magical function, two swords that will never dull or break for Alexander, and of course the pureblood Ventrue I rescued from bondage. I was surprised to see a Kindred there, for some reason I just didn’t think one would wind up in a cage, which makes me more than a little weary of her. Still the price for her freedom was about two dozen fights for her former owner, a very powerful creature (according to Vita) named Anlo. I wouldn’t think to replace her chains with a set of my own but if she feels any gratitude toward me at all, Bulgaria is a great place to satisfy ambition. Overall I found the market to be a truly incredible place and I can’t wait to return in a months time. Shame the market is only open one day a month, but I suppose scarcity is good for prices. Just wish I knew how to navigate the market a bit better is all.

Tomorrow night I meet with Avery and attempt to do the impossible: separate her from her Circle. The night after I’m off to meet the Alpha of all Werewolves and begin the hunt for his missing kin. For an immortal race that has nothing but time, I’m surprised at the urgency of Kindred culture. Even Julius, several hundred years old, still goes stir crazy when he’s forced to sit in a room for more than a few minutes at a time. Vita and I spoke about the ghoul staff I want to create and I reluctantly agreed to provide a little more “balance” in what we’re after. Ghouls have the potential to be forever so it just seems like with my new immortal disposition, I can afford to be picky.



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