Bulgarian Hit

Moving Forward

Been a while since my last entry, been very busy which means being pressed for time.

I finally convinced Fev to work on the basement at my place, I’m now the proud owner of a pretty awesome vampire bunker thanks to her. Of course with Fev nothing is free and I agreed to all but be her slave for 36 hours. After which I tacked on another 12 when I asked her to make a handful of necklaces to enchant which I wound up not needing. We had a bit of a falling out after I made an off-color comment about her past which happened to be spot on, to the surprise of everyone including myself. We also found out Fev may be hiding more than she lets on. According to her, in order to meet the First, she created a few additional Towers as a result of the spells backlash. This even surprised Vita and we’re both reeling at the scope of that kind of magic. Fev’s certainly hard to read, even when she made a comment about being the first no one in the room could tell if she was telling the truth.

Fev also had me ask Vita for a necklace in exchange for working a spell to help bring Elle out of her rut. Keeping with the whole honesty theme I went straight to Vita and told her everything, only to find out the pendant held the ashes of her dead child from a long time ago. I don’t really know much about Vita’s past, she really only seems interested in moving forward, but the brief conversation we had gave me a new perspective. She seemed to have a very healthy, well-adjusted outlook on the entire thing and is still considering whether to hand it over to Elle who undoubtedly needs it for her spell to produce children with Valko. Fev and Elle are so unpredictable I keep expecting to hit a breaking point with Vita, but aside from a little sass here and there the floor has yet to fall out from under me. Maybe that’s because she is more well adjusted than the rest of her Covenant? Maybe it’s because she’s bonded to me and I’m the most human out of all the Family? Tough to say, but it’s something I think about a lot. Like how what changes in me would change her, or how what happens to her will change me, and all manner of other unforeseeable results of this spell she wrapped us both in. When I start to feel a little antsy about this whole “bound together forever” thing, I like to walk outside in the sunlight and take in a deep breath of crisp morning air. I’ve never been without the sun like the rest of the family has, but I feel the need to enjoy it as much as I can. As if taking it for granted it somehow a slight against them. I can only imagine just how much any Kindred would give to be able to enjoy the feeling of the sun warming (that is, not burning) their skin first thing in the morning.

I met with Alexander when I realized that the Mages probably knew we could walk in the day, we hadn’t talked since I went to see Ruby and ask her if she was interested in a partnership. The whole family full well freaked on me but I still don’t see why it’s such a big deal. Alexander was oddly calm about the whole thing, I at least expected a lecture with how the rest of the family reacted since a few Family members suggested I might be in for the beating of my life. Instead he all but apologized for not giving me all of the information up front which was just about the last thing I expected. It was very disarming, I didn’t know how to react but I did try to take full responsibility for my actions. He then asked me what I thought we should do with the Mages and I voiced my opinion which, again to my surprise, he agreed to. I finally heard back from Avery after a few futile attempts to track her down that same night. Turns out they jumped ship and went to New York which was smart (and why I didn’t expect it, she’s the most stubborn person I’ve ever met). Alexander is currently thinking on how to handle the situation, but I don’t see them as nearly the threat they once were across the Ocean. I’m a little disappointed they left before I could get to them. Just wish I put things together faster so I could’ve caught them before they left as I really wanted their Coven for our own. It probably would’ve caused more problems than it solved, however, so I guess this is for the best.

I wound up giving the other two Wolves I captured to Julius and Valko so that they had a backup food source should they be separated from their Witches. I felt a slight pang of regret at the idea of lying to the Wolves about what happened to their pack but I figured the three of them having each other was better than the alternative. Tactically, it’s my understanding that Wolves do better in a pack and an alternate food source for the Coven was always on my list. They’re talented, strong, and they have dirt on Falko which made them more valuable as Ghouls than bargaining chips. Now that that’s done, it’s off to find two more Wolves to take back to the market to deal with Anlo. I need to not speak with these Wolves, I seem to have a problem getting attached to things which is causing my house to fill up very quickly.

I also managed to convince Julius to talk to Viktor and try to mend the rift between them. I miss having him around and I regret that their relationship took a hit because of something I asked Julius to do. I don’t regret the decision, I still think I made the best one I could under the circumstances, but I still regret the necessity of it. The only advice Eilon has given me that I haven’t taken is to leave that alone, but since Julius asked me to I have out of respect for him. It’s the least i can do given everything that I’ve put him through since I was turned. Still, I’ve never had a family before and the Family remaining close is important to me because it’s not something I’ve ever had. It bothers me that the two of them were torn apart because of me, I just wish the two of them could get past it.

The “Ghoul Army” has arrived but it wasn’t without a few surprises. A human named Paige managed to do the recruiting and was good enough to catch Vita mid research. We thought she was supernatural but it turns out, from what we can tell at least, she’s just a mortal. A mortal that’s had dealings with other supernatural creatures as it were and is toting a few powerful Artifacts as well. I sent her away for the night after the pick up, we have a coffee date tomorrow night. Managing the half dozen new recruits she brought was more than enough work for the evening and I want to focus on her with my full attention when we finally do talk. She’s an incredible risk since there’s no telling what she got herself into prior to now but if she comes clean and fills in all the gaps I’d consider taking her in. Provided she can win Vita over and we can vouch that she’s not under any other influences of course.

The two boys were easy to convince, I knew they would be. I used to be just like them and I would’ve said yes in a heartbeat. I let them see what I was capable of, what they could become, and they almost instantly agreed to join up. They’re both more skilled than I was when I was human which impressed the hell out of me. Not to mention they seem easy going enough which i’m starting to find myself more in need of around the house. We had good chemistry out of the gate and usually first impressions are everything between soldiers. I didn’t want to supernaturally compel them since I think a soldier fights better with a clear head so I’m glad I didn’t have to. I made them ghouls within an hour of talking with them and I feel a lot better about the safety of the girls with the two of them around.

Our computer whiz took a little more convincing. Even still, I predicted her being more of a handful than the boys so I compelled her after she agreed of her own volition. I feel as though she’s going to be more heavily involved than the rest in all this so I figured it would be smart to bring her on board, especially given the risk she poses to the masquerade with how much access she has to mass media outlets. She’s a little sassy and took more convincing than the boys but it was time well spent if she’s half as skilled as Vita made her out to be.

The only human left is the accountant and I don’t plan on ghouling her quite yet. She can wait and there’s no point in pushing myself too hard too fast when a few days won’t make the difference for a paper pusher. All the same she’s getting the compulsion treatment just in case, there’s a lot of new faces around the house and she’s bound to see something that makes her head spin.

I still need to decide what to do about Paige. On the one hand there are a lot of red flags she sends off and knowing she’s dealt with supernatural creatures prior to meeting me makes me suspicious of what they did to her without her knowing. She could easily be a sleeper agent of some kind but there’s no harm in hearing out her story. We actually need someone now to coordinate everything so it’s not like I couldn’t use her, but I think this will mostly be up to Vita since she’s outside my initial list. If I can avoid it, I prefer to stick to my own plans although I’ve been doing a shit-show of a job at that lately. She seemed disappointed when I didn’t just invite her back to the house which I found almost endearing. Such confidence in the face of a monster that could easily rip her to pieces or turn her mind to mush . . . I like her optimism and steadfastness, they’re all endearing qualities to have, and I could easily see her fitting the niche roll of “overbearing external influence” that would divert any animosity in the group from me. Tough job, to be sure, but she seems up to the challenge.

We recently heard that a neighboring city, Bucharest, with a Kindred population of a few thousand went dark over night. I can’t help but think it’s related to the First that we woke but for now the entire world seems to be holding its breath and waiting. Naturally I want to go and check things out first hand but I know I’ve been pushing my limits with Alexander so far so I can’t help but think I should back off for now. He’ll probably throw Eva at it since she’s the only one in the Family with the skill to walk in and out undetected and survive what she finds along the way. There’s still a few lines here that vex me. For instance, the Wolves that I recently acquired are originally from Romania. They’re related to Falko in that he was once from the same pack until he was chased off by his pack for his man-whoring tendencies. Could this be the backlash from the spell that Fev worked to bring the Wolves here to give us an in with the current Wolves? If so that’s… a really, really big deal. If we can establish a connection that would pretty much guarantee us grounding Fev from any Family activities going forward.

My training is still progressing well. Best I can tell, all of the things I’ve been putting myself through have been helping me progress much faster than a “normal” Kindred (if there is such a thing). I’m continually pushing my own limits and throwing myself in over my head but I can feel myself adapting to meet each challenge head on. I’m stronger, faster, and tougher than even a few of the members of the Family now and I’m still plenty hungry for more. I’m driven by wanting to stand on my own within the Family. I don’t want to be a liability to be looked after and care for, I want to be an asset that the Family comes to in their time of need. Everyone keeps telling me that my expectations are unrealistic but I don’t think they realize just how far I’ve come since I began chasing these impossible standards I’m trying to hold myself to.



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