Bulgarian Hit

Change in the Wind

“Even when laws have been written down, they ought not always to remain unaltered.”

Thanks to Julius’ boredom, I found a way to reach out to the Wolves to hopefully bring them on board with the plan to end Deliverance and also just happened to find my new favorite night spot. To my surprise there were a few Kindred there. I keep running into Ellis at all the place I’m not supposed to go which makes me think he and I might have something in common, even if it is just how we choose to spend our free time. They’ve already reached out requesting a meeting the following night but it wasn’t soon enough so I had to push back to meet tonight. They’re going to need time to rally forces and I doubt we can buy more than an hour or so before Deliverance goes nuclear.

We had a lot of pieces of this plan in motion but we’re running out of time. I think our best chance right now is to goad Deliverance into bringing her Kindred hostages alone to a meeting I arrange and have the Wolves ambush her. While that’s happening we can approach the other two (hopefully with two Witches of our own) and bring them into our fold. Even if the Wolves fail in killing Deliverance, we’ll be more than a match for her with the rest of her Covenant on our side. Conveniently this will not allow me enough time to track down the First which is probably for the best. If she wanted to be involved she wouldn’t have sent us away. Something tells me she would have rigid expectations even if she joined the fight which wouldn’t sit well with Alexander.

My relationship with Vita is still strained. The family by and large doesn’t trust her even though she’s been cooperative and for the monumental tasks we’re asking of her, the costs come equally as high. Still we have to keep pushing forward if we’re going to beat Deliverance at her own game and the advantage we have is that the chains she’s used to leash her Covenant are built on fear and promises of power, not respect. We can give them what they desire, more effectively than she can, which means that they’re little more than mercs for higher at this point. I know mercs, I used to be one, and they always side with the highest bidder. I’ve had a few glimpses into the careful web that Vita has been weaving for me and I have a feeling recent events are more than the snap decision of a Witch pushed to the edge by an insane Covenant leader. I don’t particularly know what that means for us, where we’ll wind up, what she wants to happen between us, or who has what power in our relationship but I’m trying to play it smart. I know I won’t have an edge over her after the Covenant is disbanded and she no longer has need of the necklace that affords me the advantage over her and I know that I don’t wish her any ill will despite what she’s put me through. What I’m not clear on are her intentions and machinations which means now is the time to secure a foundation between us while we’re both on relatively equal footing.

Underneath it all I’m still trying to get a handle on my instincts. The beast separates me into two people: the man I want to be, and the man I am underneath it all. No small part of me is interested in seeing the family thrive but there’s something bigger happening here. The supernaturals have been divided for quite some time and if Vita proved anything it’s that we’re surprisingly effective when we work together. I’d be content to just be a part of this family and continue the status quo but what if meeting Vita gave me the chance to do something more? What if I could usher in a new age for the family? What if we were no longer confined to the night. What if we had powerful allies wielding impossible magics at our behest? What if I could bring together all of these creatures that, while impressive on their own merit, would be a force unlike any the world has seen? Seems strange that a week old Kindred would hold such lofty expectations for the Family, much less be the one to see them through, but the world is always changing and we have to adapt to survive. I have a vision for a more powerful Family unrivaled by any supernatural creature the world over. An army unmatched by anything else the world has ever known. Right now it may seem like we’re giving ground in order to survive but like it or not this is an arms race and I would see the Family holding the biggest guns.



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