Bulgarian Hit

Room to Breathe

“It is the nature of desire not to be satisfied, and most men live only for the gratification of it.”

After making sure the Witches met with a healthy dose of fire after Alexander was back on his feet, I took the “Bound” (Alexander’s own nickname for us) into the House to have a look around. Searching the car beforehand revealed three sets of fangs and I feared the worse. The house itself was perilous and Deliverance left more than a few surprises waiting for us. Turns out the house was, at one point, used to hold Werewolves in the lower dungeons and the entire building looked like something out of a horror movie. In the dungeon we found the kidnapped Kindred and were able to free them thanks to Elle supplying the fodder for the traps lining their cell doors. Admittedly I don’t know if we could have gotten them out without her help, magical traps aren’t really something any of us have experience with. The three look like they’d been through hell but Alexander brought them back to the Penthouse to revive them. That seemed a bit off color to me, he’d made a fairly big deal about not letting anyone know the location of our safe havens and yet he readily brought three Kindred in who could easily gleam the location. Luckily Stannis came up with a way to “re-insert” their fangs. Since I’m not sure if they can regenerate them (and I imagine Madison is the only one that potentially could), I’m glad I took the time to search the car and find them.

Both Madison and Vivienne wound up losing themselves to the Beast when they came to and drank themselves full. They all seemed more than a little stunned when they realized what was happening. From what I understand they’re all fairly young which means they undoubtedly feel a bit beholden to Alexander after drinking from him and they will for some time. Levi seemed to be chipper and made it a point to thank Fevrier which I later found out was for saving him from meeting final death when they were in custody. That struck me as an odd move for her but it’s probably the only reason Alexander will overlook the part she played in their kidnapping. If only Valko and I were so lucky. As if Valko’s situation wasn’t bad enough with the three children we had to promise Fevrier, he also took the heat for the stack of hats we put on the Kindred in torpor when Julius loaded them up in the SUV. I also told him about approaching Fevrier on my own. While he made it clear he felt this was an oversight on my part I still hold that everything went exactly as intended but I’m not about to argue with him, especially given how far I’ve already pushed things. Still, he seemed favorable to how things played out and all of the family came out in one piece so I call that a win.

Valko and I took some time during the day to swing by the new place I had requested from Alexander. I was pretty surprised at how fast he managed to move on things although he told me it was largely Alexander that made things happen. The building itself is more than I could’ve imagined with a ridiculous amount of space. The bottom floor will be perfect for a gym area and the top is a well-furnished living space. The place almost feels like it was custom built for me and I’m pretty surprised at how precisely Alexander pegged my taste. I don’t think I could’ve designed the building any better myself. The best part was the surprise waiting at in the garage. Apparently the family came together and brought the car of my dreams all the way over from the States. I was pretty beside myself when I saw it, I’d mentioned it once in passing to Julius and I certainly wasn’t expecting anything so extravagant. The rest of the first floor is open space which will be perfect for the training facility I was wanting to build. I thought about asking Fevrier to help but I think i’d rather work on it on my own. The whole show was overwhelming, I’ve never had anyone do anything even remotely like that for me.

Vita and I had some time to talk about our relationship. I haven’t really had time to ask her what her expectations were or what she wanted out of the whole situation. I guess I’m still a little bitter she made such a life-altering choice on my behalf but the perks are pretty incredible so it’s hard to stay upset. Still, I need to try and move past it since there’s nothing that can be done now and the arrangement seems to be holding for the time being. I’m trying to open up to her and include her in what I have planned which she’s been pretty receptive towards. While talking I managed to finally pull out of Vita how she felt about me which definitely wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t think she saw me as anything other than “best possible outcome” but apparently I’m a lot higher on her list than I thought. I can’t really think of any reason not to be involved with her so, continuing my string of really bad decisions, I decided to dig myself an even bigger hole. Anyone I drink from won’t taste as good as her, anyone I want to spend time with won’t hold my attention like she does, and it doesn’t seem like this will go away any time soon. Once more this is the strongest I’ve ever felt about anyone and while I’m sure magic has played no small part in it I just don’t see the need to fight it. I’m sure more than a few members of the family would be upset but I want things to be good between us and so far everyone I’ve met seems a pale shadow of a comparison when put up against her. So why not commit to it? Why not try to make the best of it?

Since Alexander has set me to the task of liaising with other supernatural creatures in the city I need to start building an infrastructure which is my next step. I’d like to have eyes and ears among all the supernatural creatures in Bulgaria which is no small task. She seemed fine with the idea until I brought up the Mages but they’re pretty crucial and I already have my sights set on Avery since she seems to be the current ring leader and forerunner for Mages in Bulgaria. Her and I are meeting for dinner tomorrow so I can review a few things with her and warm her up to the proposal I have for her.

Outside of that I’m looking forward to what comes next. I already have plans for a network of Ghouls I’m hoping to establish and have begun designs for the infrastructure I want to build in Bulgaria. Come tomorrow night I’ll message Falko for the belongings of his pack I need to track them down which I’m hoping will lead to the acquisition of another supernatural ghoul. From there if I can infiltrate said individual back into “the pack” then I’ll have a strong foothold with the Wolves. I’m hopeful Vita and I will be able to come up with a way to hide what they are from supernatural scrutiny so they aren’t ousted since that’s well within her purview and I doubt anyone in Bulgaria could match her in raw power. Vita also mentioned something about the market which sounds interesting and she’s right in that I’m definitely attracted to the strange and unusual. I never wanted to be just another knuckle dragger in the Family (not that I don’t enjoy butting heads with the toughest supernaturals in Bulgaria) so the new role Alexander gave me was a very welcome change. I wanted to be more involved in the intel side of things and I’m already in over my head after learning some pretty devastating secrets about two Family members. Lots of secrets in this Family, seems like trust only goes so far even between Alexander and his own.



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