Bulgarian Hit

Texts to Werewolf Alpha

Manage to get the silver circlets off the girls yet?

silver traps still on, if you help what will we owe you?

A favor? Don’t have anything in mind at present.

nothing is free with your kind

That’s what favors are. You want help or not?

Thank you for aiding us with our Witch problem, you’re every ounce the warrior I expected you to be. My condolences for the outbreak in your pack undoubtedly caused by the Witches. I had thought to keep the Family between the Witches and the pack to help minimize casualties and what happened was as much as a surprise to me as it was to you. I had thought to lend aid but assumed it not prudent to involve myself in an internal pack affair. I don’t want you to assume my lack of involvement was born of apathy. Still, I’m eager to see the pack members that were taken from you returned and was hoping to meet to retrieve the items I need to track them sooner rather than later. Mid evening if at all possible. Let me know, and after I see them returned back to their kin I’d gladly spring for drinks if you’re still willing to share what you gleamed from the Witch you bit when we first met.

Lucy’s, 2 days, 1am

Tomorrow night at Sofia statue, 4 am.

Appreciate your willingness to meet. Unfortunately circumstances have left us a little pressed for time and the window of opportunity to take advantage of what I wish to speak to you of is a few hours after sundown tomorrow. If at all possible, I’d appreciate meeting at a location of your choosing a few hours before sun up so we both have ample time to prepare if you decide to act on what I have to share.




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