Bulgarian Hit

Turn of Events

“If there is an end for all we do, it will be the good achievable by action.”

I’ve made a huge mess of things trying to finish what Vita started. I’ve been over it about a dozen times in my head and I don’t think we could’ve come out of this more favorably than we did but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t without cost. I decided to approach Fevrier on my own knowing she’d probably blow me out of the water, which she certainly did. I only took her a few minutes to realize what was happening and work magic on me to force the truth. I had a feeling something like that would happen which is why I took the risk. I know putting Eelon in torpor was going to upset Alexander and even though this was reckless, I thought I could solve the problem without his sacrifice. I was right but it was a huge gamble that could have lost us this battle. But that didn’t happen. Even though Elle came along without any demands, Fevrier still asked a high price to be paid of Valko and I know Alexander is less than thrilled with how things happened. I really do believe this was the best case scenario for what we were doing although you wouldn’t know it by taking stock of the Family. All the same, Alexander asked me to win this battle and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

I feel awful about what happened with Viktor but I know I made the right call. Valko, Julius and I are signing up for an eternity of managing a relationship the ridiculously powerful Witches that will only become more so as the years count on. Viktor can’t even go a week without his on-again-off-again lover being furious with him so I don’t think he’d be able to, or even want to for that matter, manage a relationship as permanent as soul binding. Elle might not have spoken up but in the brief few minutes she was with Viktor she was already more than a little put off by her and the last thing we need is a Witch pushed to her limits. Viktor loves to test boundaries and an angry, sun-hurling powerhouse is something the family can’t afford to have blow up in their face. Viktor might not ever forgive me but at the very least I positioned the ideal partners for the Witches to give us the best chance at making this whole thing work.

We’re on our way to talk to the Wolves and while I know Alexander wants us to be stingy in our negotiation, I imagine it’s going to take ample coaxing for them to agree to face our common foe. I’ve decided to let Valko take the lead since he has far more experience in these matters than I do. While my own negotiations have gone well so far, I don’t have the intel or the experience to win the Wolves over so I hope Valko can make up the difference. He’s been exceptional in every problem I’ve put him in so far, so I don’t think this will be any different.

Tomorrow night we force the final confrontation. Over half of the Covenant has turned on their former friends and we hold the advantage but we face the two Witches whose purviews are the most destructive. Undoubtedly there will be casualties but hopefully they will be weathered by the Wolves and not our own. The situation so far has been pretty awful and I’ve done damage to members of the Family, and my relationship with them, that will probably never be undone. Alexander is furious, Viktor is hurt, julius is at his whits end, and Valko was forced to sacrifice his relationship with Alexander all to see this through. And all of it is because of me. For the first few days I was actually excited at the prospect of having a family to be close to for a change but right now I’ve never felt more alone. I’ll drag the Family through this battle and I will make sure we win the day but I’m sure most of them will resent me for it. And yet, this is all familiar territory for me. This is exactly how things worked when I was still a human soldier, so I know what comes next. I’ve already made arrangements and called in a favor with Valko to try and put some distance between myself and the Family, maybe they can heal some of the wounds I ripped open in my absence.



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