Roderick Valette

The Family - Knuckle Dragger


Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Strength 4+5, Dexterity 3+4, Stamina 3+5
Presence 3, Manipulation 2, Composure 3

Academics 1, Computer 1, Crafts 2, Investigation 3, Occult 4
Athletics (Parkour) 3, Brawl* 5 (Armed Opponents), Drive 1, Firearms* 3 (Pistols), Stealth 2, Survival 2, Weaponry 3
Animal Ken 1, Empathy 4, Intimidation 3, Persuasion 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1

Mental: Professional Training (Soldier) 2, Tolerance for Biology 1, Trained Observer 3, Language (Bulgarian, Russian) 2
Physical: Fleet of Foot 2, Iron Stamina 2, Parkour 2, Quick Draw (Firearms) 1
Social: Resources 3, Striking Looks 2
Kindred: Pack Alpha 1, Vitae Connoisseur 1
Magic: Sense Magic 1, Resist Magic 2, Sunder Magic 3

Fighting Styles: Defensive Combat (Brawl) 1, Armed Defense 1-2, Choke Hold 2, Defensive Combat 1, Firefight 1, Marksmanship 1, Police Tactics 1, Unarmed Defense 1-3

Other Traits
Humanity 7
Size 5
Health 13
Willpower 6
Perception 7 (8-again); Scent 11 (8-again); Mage Sight 8 (8-again)

Initiative Mod +10
Speed 22 (132); Run 30 mph (180 mph)
Defense 8+4
Armor 5

Vampire Traits
Mask: Nurturer
Dirge: Visionary

Vitae 4/40
Blood Potency 4

Animalism 1, Auspex 1, Celerity 4 (Lightning Synapses, Quickened Defense, Quicksilver Intervention, Swift Strike), Majesty 4, Protean 4, Resilience 5 (Flesh Stitch, Regeneration, Resilient Flesh, Stalwart Resolve, Thickened Skin), Vigor 5 (Blinding Movement, Crushing Blow, Heavy Handed, Impossible Feat, Ten Ton Punch)

Predator’s Skin, Titus’ Scent, Allegiance, Forced March, Quicken Sight, Instant Transformation

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Backstory Highlights

  • No family: mom died in childbirth, dad KIA, only child
  • Enlisted with the Navy to finish his dads work, joined the S.E.A.L.S
  • Gave up a promising career while overseas in Bulgaria by disobeying orders that jeopardized the lives of civilians
  • One of the people saved was Julius who became a friend
  • Dishonorably discharged once he got state side
  • Heard from a friend in the Navy, Jason, that someone had it out for him
  • Decided to leave the country and not press his luck, went back to Bulgaria to try and start a new life
  • Tried to talk with Julius about work, wound up saving him again from a rival mafia gang hit and got an in
  • Julius vouched for him so he mostly does “defensive” work, doesn’t like to think of himself as an Assassin

Quirks and Ambitions

  • Wants to trust Vita but is having a hard time getting over the power gap between them… can’t help but think that the next time she’s in a bad spot she’ll step over him to get what she think she needs (he believes Vita has a “I know best” attitude and will lean that way regardless of what anyone else wants) but he wants to trust her, he’s just not sure what she can do to convince him
  • Is genuinely interested in magic… he knows the other Family members have a ton more experience than he does so he’d like to beat them to the punch and become the authority on magic, at least with respect to Kindred knowledge/ability
  • Doesn’t like the distance Eva puts between herself and the rest of the Family, wants to close the gap (if nothing else than in the physical sense) and treat her like the rest
  • Feels really bad about what happened between him and Viktor, but trusts Eelon’s council and is giving him some space
  • Would like to turn one of every supernatural creature into his Ghoul, believes their wide breadth of power would make the Family’s cause stronger overall (and would make a nice backup feeding plan with Vita)
  • Since he can’t be blood bound, is interested in finding a Kindred that is a “Honey Trap” (Kindred Merit – grants a wp to a Kindred that drinks from them) since he often finds himself mentally fatigued
  • Wants to be completely forthcoming with Alexander and is a little disappointed when he laid down the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy even though he respects that . . . he never had a father he could go to about anything and get good advice, in a way he was hoping Alexander would fill that void
  • Roderick values understanding more than most, he’s naturally curious about the world and people and isn’t immediately put off by things other people are… he’s genuinely curious and even if he doesn’t agree he’s interested in hearing the “why” behind it all
  • Thinks that the family might be too disconnected from the city to properly respond to it since Alexander has them so far above everyone else, Roderick would like to become the approachable member of the family that people can turn to… the flip side of this is that Roderick still has the very human mentality that intel is what wins wars, so he’d like to get his hands on all of it that he can
  • Knows Eva’s two secrets (she’s a Nosferatu and she’s blood bound to Alexander) but doesn’t care, he thinks of her as Family just as much as the rest and plans on taking her secrets to the grave.. he’s strongly considering telling her he knows, he figures she has the right to know he does
  • Due to his Dirge (Visionary), Roderick isn’t really sorry/regretful over what happened with the Witches… he believes that what Vita did to him sets them apart from all other Kindred/Witches and if anyone should have exceptional children, it’s Alexander
  • Would really like to find another Witch (ideally Destruction tower) to join with Viktor and bring him into the fold… he thinks Power would be the ideal Tower for Alexander and would very much like to see the last of Alexander’s weaknesses removed
  • Doesn’t really mind Falko and his tribe, thinks they could potentially be friendly, will keep an eye out for ways to help them gain a foothold over the other pack even though he knows Falko is far too prideful to ever ask for help

Goblin Market – Outstanding Contracts
Owe Anlo 15 more non-lethal matches (0/15 completed) – max 2 per night

Roderick Valette

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