Bulgarian Hit

Texts to Werewolf Alpha

Manage to get the silver circlets off the girls yet?

silver traps still on, if you help what will we owe you?

A favor? Don’t have anything in mind at present.

nothing is free with your kind

That’s what favors are. You want help or not?

Thank you for aiding us with our Witch problem, you’re every ounce the warrior I expected you to be. My condolences for the outbreak in your pack undoubtedly caused by the Witches. I had thought to keep the Family between the Witches and the pack to help minimize casualties and what happened was as much as a surprise to me as it was to you. I had thought to lend aid but assumed it not prudent to involve myself in an internal pack affair. I don’t want you to assume my lack of involvement was born of apathy. Still, I’m eager to see the pack members that were taken from you returned and was hoping to meet to retrieve the items I need to track them sooner rather than later. Mid evening if at all possible. Let me know, and after I see them returned back to their kin I’d gladly spring for drinks if you’re still willing to share what you gleamed from the Witch you bit when we first met.

Lucy’s, 2 days, 1am

Tomorrow night at Sofia statue, 4 am.

Appreciate your willingness to meet. Unfortunately circumstances have left us a little pressed for time and the window of opportunity to take advantage of what I wish to speak to you of is a few hours after sundown tomorrow. If at all possible, I’d appreciate meeting at a location of your choosing a few hours before sun up so we both have ample time to prepare if you decide to act on what I have to share.


Moving Forward

Been a while since my last entry, been very busy which means being pressed for time.

I finally convinced Fev to work on the basement at my place, I’m now the proud owner of a pretty awesome vampire bunker thanks to her. Of course with Fev nothing is free and I agreed to all but be her slave for 36 hours. After which I tacked on another 12 when I asked her to make a handful of necklaces to enchant which I wound up not needing. We had a bit of a falling out after I made an off-color comment about her past which happened to be spot on, to the surprise of everyone including myself. We also found out Fev may be hiding more than she lets on. According to her, in order to meet the First, she created a few additional Towers as a result of the spells backlash. This even surprised Vita and we’re both reeling at the scope of that kind of magic. Fev’s certainly hard to read, even when she made a comment about being the first no one in the room could tell if she was telling the truth.

Fev also had me ask Vita for a necklace in exchange for working a spell to help bring Elle out of her rut. Keeping with the whole honesty theme I went straight to Vita and told her everything, only to find out the pendant held the ashes of her dead child from a long time ago. I don’t really know much about Vita’s past, she really only seems interested in moving forward, but the brief conversation we had gave me a new perspective. She seemed to have a very healthy, well-adjusted outlook on the entire thing and is still considering whether to hand it over to Elle who undoubtedly needs it for her spell to produce children with Valko. Fev and Elle are so unpredictable I keep expecting to hit a breaking point with Vita, but aside from a little sass here and there the floor has yet to fall out from under me. Maybe that’s because she is more well adjusted than the rest of her Covenant? Maybe it’s because she’s bonded to me and I’m the most human out of all the Family? Tough to say, but it’s something I think about a lot. Like how what changes in me would change her, or how what happens to her will change me, and all manner of other unforeseeable results of this spell she wrapped us both in. When I start to feel a little antsy about this whole “bound together forever” thing, I like to walk outside in the sunlight and take in a deep breath of crisp morning air. I’ve never been without the sun like the rest of the family has, but I feel the need to enjoy it as much as I can. As if taking it for granted it somehow a slight against them. I can only imagine just how much any Kindred would give to be able to enjoy the feeling of the sun warming (that is, not burning) their skin first thing in the morning.

I met with Alexander when I realized that the Mages probably knew we could walk in the day, we hadn’t talked since I went to see Ruby and ask her if she was interested in a partnership. The whole family full well freaked on me but I still don’t see why it’s such a big deal. Alexander was oddly calm about the whole thing, I at least expected a lecture with how the rest of the family reacted since a few Family members suggested I might be in for the beating of my life. Instead he all but apologized for not giving me all of the information up front which was just about the last thing I expected. It was very disarming, I didn’t know how to react but I did try to take full responsibility for my actions. He then asked me what I thought we should do with the Mages and I voiced my opinion which, again to my surprise, he agreed to. I finally heard back from Avery after a few futile attempts to track her down that same night. Turns out they jumped ship and went to New York which was smart (and why I didn’t expect it, she’s the most stubborn person I’ve ever met). Alexander is currently thinking on how to handle the situation, but I don’t see them as nearly the threat they once were across the Ocean. I’m a little disappointed they left before I could get to them. Just wish I put things together faster so I could’ve caught them before they left as I really wanted their Coven for our own. It probably would’ve caused more problems than it solved, however, so I guess this is for the best.

I wound up giving the other two Wolves I captured to Julius and Valko so that they had a backup food source should they be separated from their Witches. I felt a slight pang of regret at the idea of lying to the Wolves about what happened to their pack but I figured the three of them having each other was better than the alternative. Tactically, it’s my understanding that Wolves do better in a pack and an alternate food source for the Coven was always on my list. They’re talented, strong, and they have dirt on Falko which made them more valuable as Ghouls than bargaining chips. Now that that’s done, it’s off to find two more Wolves to take back to the market to deal with Anlo. I need to not speak with these Wolves, I seem to have a problem getting attached to things which is causing my house to fill up very quickly.

I also managed to convince Julius to talk to Viktor and try to mend the rift between them. I miss having him around and I regret that their relationship took a hit because of something I asked Julius to do. I don’t regret the decision, I still think I made the best one I could under the circumstances, but I still regret the necessity of it. The only advice Eilon has given me that I haven’t taken is to leave that alone, but since Julius asked me to I have out of respect for him. It’s the least i can do given everything that I’ve put him through since I was turned. Still, I’ve never had a family before and the Family remaining close is important to me because it’s not something I’ve ever had. It bothers me that the two of them were torn apart because of me, I just wish the two of them could get past it.

The “Ghoul Army” has arrived but it wasn’t without a few surprises. A human named Paige managed to do the recruiting and was good enough to catch Vita mid research. We thought she was supernatural but it turns out, from what we can tell at least, she’s just a mortal. A mortal that’s had dealings with other supernatural creatures as it were and is toting a few powerful Artifacts as well. I sent her away for the night after the pick up, we have a coffee date tomorrow night. Managing the half dozen new recruits she brought was more than enough work for the evening and I want to focus on her with my full attention when we finally do talk. She’s an incredible risk since there’s no telling what she got herself into prior to now but if she comes clean and fills in all the gaps I’d consider taking her in. Provided she can win Vita over and we can vouch that she’s not under any other influences of course.

The two boys were easy to convince, I knew they would be. I used to be just like them and I would’ve said yes in a heartbeat. I let them see what I was capable of, what they could become, and they almost instantly agreed to join up. They’re both more skilled than I was when I was human which impressed the hell out of me. Not to mention they seem easy going enough which i’m starting to find myself more in need of around the house. We had good chemistry out of the gate and usually first impressions are everything between soldiers. I didn’t want to supernaturally compel them since I think a soldier fights better with a clear head so I’m glad I didn’t have to. I made them ghouls within an hour of talking with them and I feel a lot better about the safety of the girls with the two of them around.

Our computer whiz took a little more convincing. Even still, I predicted her being more of a handful than the boys so I compelled her after she agreed of her own volition. I feel as though she’s going to be more heavily involved than the rest in all this so I figured it would be smart to bring her on board, especially given the risk she poses to the masquerade with how much access she has to mass media outlets. She’s a little sassy and took more convincing than the boys but it was time well spent if she’s half as skilled as Vita made her out to be.

The only human left is the accountant and I don’t plan on ghouling her quite yet. She can wait and there’s no point in pushing myself too hard too fast when a few days won’t make the difference for a paper pusher. All the same she’s getting the compulsion treatment just in case, there’s a lot of new faces around the house and she’s bound to see something that makes her head spin.

I still need to decide what to do about Paige. On the one hand there are a lot of red flags she sends off and knowing she’s dealt with supernatural creatures prior to meeting me makes me suspicious of what they did to her without her knowing. She could easily be a sleeper agent of some kind but there’s no harm in hearing out her story. We actually need someone now to coordinate everything so it’s not like I couldn’t use her, but I think this will mostly be up to Vita since she’s outside my initial list. If I can avoid it, I prefer to stick to my own plans although I’ve been doing a shit-show of a job at that lately. She seemed disappointed when I didn’t just invite her back to the house which I found almost endearing. Such confidence in the face of a monster that could easily rip her to pieces or turn her mind to mush . . . I like her optimism and steadfastness, they’re all endearing qualities to have, and I could easily see her fitting the niche roll of “overbearing external influence” that would divert any animosity in the group from me. Tough job, to be sure, but she seems up to the challenge.

We recently heard that a neighboring city, Bucharest, with a Kindred population of a few thousand went dark over night. I can’t help but think it’s related to the First that we woke but for now the entire world seems to be holding its breath and waiting. Naturally I want to go and check things out first hand but I know I’ve been pushing my limits with Alexander so far so I can’t help but think I should back off for now. He’ll probably throw Eva at it since she’s the only one in the Family with the skill to walk in and out undetected and survive what she finds along the way. There’s still a few lines here that vex me. For instance, the Wolves that I recently acquired are originally from Romania. They’re related to Falko in that he was once from the same pack until he was chased off by his pack for his man-whoring tendencies. Could this be the backlash from the spell that Fev worked to bring the Wolves here to give us an in with the current Wolves? If so that’s… a really, really big deal. If we can establish a connection that would pretty much guarantee us grounding Fev from any Family activities going forward.

My training is still progressing well. Best I can tell, all of the things I’ve been putting myself through have been helping me progress much faster than a “normal” Kindred (if there is such a thing). I’m continually pushing my own limits and throwing myself in over my head but I can feel myself adapting to meet each challenge head on. I’m stronger, faster, and tougher than even a few of the members of the Family now and I’m still plenty hungry for more. I’m driven by wanting to stand on my own within the Family. I don’t want to be a liability to be looked after and care for, I want to be an asset that the Family comes to in their time of need. Everyone keeps telling me that my expectations are unrealistic but I don’t think they realize just how far I’ve come since I began chasing these impossible standards I’m trying to hold myself to.

Settling In

“We make war that we may live in peace.”

I’m slowly transitioning my full attention to the new task Alexander has set me to: speaking on his behalf to the supernaturals of Bulgaria. When we were watching Witches burn to ash in the middle of the field and Alexander casually mentioned this assignment, I realized the casual remark and monumental responsibility couldn’t be in starker contrast to one another. I never quite realized just how many supernatural creatures lived right underneath the noses of humans and how good they were at making sure they were known as little more than myths and fairy tales to the world at large. What’s more some of these creatures have truly frightening capabilities that make even The Family reconsider. Despite this, Witches still seem to be the only glaringly powerful foe we face which we’re well on our way to combating. Until I have reason to believe another type of supernatural poses as big a threat as Witches do, I imagine most of my effort will remain there.

As such I attempted to reach out to the Mehket of the city in order to establish a partnership. Almost all Mehket develop Obfuscation and Auspex, two of the most potent recon abilities the Kindred are capable of mustering, which made them the most reasonable choice to bring on board. I wouldn’t say I underestimated just how much Ruby hates sharing but the vitriol in her words when she warned me away from Mages was enough to raise an eyebrow. Truth is I’m fine with her having the Mages when it’s all said and done since I know they don’t hold a candle to the power a Witch can muster. Ruby wishes to take them all for herself and while that’s a huge blow to the supernatural force I’m trying to assemble, the setback is temporary at best. Even though Mages are some of the most versatile supernatural creatures in existence, they’re also some of the most vulnerable. A Mage caught unaware is almost as helpless as a human, after all.

Once more Avery and I were having a hard time finding common ground. Vita was right about the egos they all carry, for I realize that Avery speaks for her Covenant but had she sent another in her stead to open relations with me things probably wouldn’t have turned out drastically different. I have a lot of headaches right now and even fewer solutions, so it was only a matter of time until I had to let a few of them go which I already have. Valko seemed to be worried about what Ruby would do to the men in the Circle but I’d be surprised if her personal preference (her hatred of men) outweighed her tactical advantage (the full power of a Mage circle).

I’ve come to the conclusion that Ruby’s interest in the Mages is likely the result of one of two possible scenarios: either the rumors about her are true and she is a Witch herself or she believes that Magic is the only trump card she holds. If she knows what Vita mentioned about Eva, Alexander’s second in command, being just as powerful as her then she has every right to worry. Alexander is an unstoppable force in this world and one of the very few creatures to apex at his level while still keenly aware of his vulnerable spots (most of which are self imposed) and acts accordingly. If Ruby is indeed a Witch then her monopoly on Mages is concerning given if she acquired enough of them she could rival Alexander for power. Still, when dealing with creatures as old as she is that have seen everything the world has to offer and are as apathetic as the stone that makes up their walls, it’s easy to tell what their hot buttons are when they’re spurred with emotion. For all Valko’s worry about our interaction, all that happened was that I let Ruby know of a Circle of Mages that were interested in working with Kindred.

I’m moving forward with my security firm which has been unnecessarily exciting since a mysterious third party offered to coordinate personnel. In truth I’m not quite prepared for them so what I thought I’d have a month to prepare for is going to come together in the next few days. Luckily my Discipline training is progressing a lot faster than I even I expected so I should be able to manage. I’m very concerned with this new individual keeping tabs on our activities and even more so in their ability to infiltrate or undermine what I’m trying to do. Still, the combined might of the Family and Covenant will hopefully be enough to ensure a clean slate.

Valko and I have become very close over the last few days, although I’m not at all surprised given our involvement in the Covenant. I really want to get to know the rest of the family, I’m just in a position right now to where I need to utilize people I’m familiar with so I know what to expect. Julius and Valko are very consistent and both of them have been truly phenomenal at quietly standing beside me while I blunder my way through Kindred politics. Still, the encounter with the Witches made me aware that the Family is only a handful of individuals (despite being extremely powerful ones) and sometimes numbers are necessary to prevail. With that in mind, I’m starting a security firm to train elite Ghoul combatants. The plan has a kind of elegance in its simplicity and is founded off a very simple idea: an elite group of humans turned supernatural involving themselves in constant conflict to train and hone their skills. While doing so they earn the capital to continue the operation, attract new talent, and continue preparing themselves for full blown supernatural conflict. As Valko pointed out the Mehket outnumber us 10 to 1 and while they (presumably) have no where near the training we do, we could certainly use the numbers.

For the next few days I’ll be hunting Werewolves and tending humans but I’m thinking ahead now more than ever. Once more I’m hoping to capture a few Wolves to take to the market for trade with Anlo which, to my surprise, Cleo volunteered her assistance with. I assumed she would want nothing to do with it given her history with him. Cloe is, surprisingly I’ll admit, a good fit to my life and I’ve grown to value her for her capabilities and her presence. She has a lot of qualities I know can and will take her far in Kindred society and I’m hopeful that I can maintain a relationship with her in the foreseeable future. She reminds me of the way things used to be before the surge of independence in modern culture. Everyone is so busy trying to carve their own place in things they’ve forgotten that working with others and accepting your place in a design bigger than yourself can let you accomplish more than you ever could alone. Maybe it’s my military upbringing or my place with the Family but I still believe in that ideal which is why Cleo is such a welcome addition to our group. Mostly I keep my guard up around just about everyone I interact with outside the family, and I’m grateful that I don’t feel the need to around Cleo. Ironic given she poses perhaps the biggest threat given how intelligent she is and her rout mastery of the Dominate Discipline. Trust is a funny thing after all.

Despite all this being only a fraction of what’s on my mind, I think I’ll bring things to a close. Still a lot to consider: more Witches in Bulgaria? What of the First who is now awake thanks to us? Did Julius really plan on me getting “killed” in that encounter to force Alexander’s hand in turning me? I’ve always believed Alexander decides who is and isn’t a part of The Family regardless of blood and I was surprised to hear the other members of The Family didn’t echo that sentiment when I released to a trusted few that Eva wasn’t made by Alexander. Did I make a mistake in telling them? Then there’s the whole Viktor issue which is eating away at me, I don’t know how many times I’ve reached for the phone to call him only to remember he wants nothing to do with me for the time being. In all honesty I feel he’s overreacting, I died in that graveyard to save him after all which was even before I became a member of the Family.

More than anything else I’m happy here in Bulgaria, I’m glad Julius pulled me into this world. Things matter to me here, I feel the need to push myself to become better because I think for the first time people that I know care about me are expecting great things from me. Maybe it’s because of not having a family for my entire human life that I covet and care for the one I have now that I’ve become Kindred. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity than the one I have now and I don’t intend to let it go to waste.


Note for Alexander

Left in his office atop the two sheathed swords, clearly written in Roderick’s handwriting. The letter is written in Classic Greek.


We know we’ve asked a lot lately so we wanted to do something to express our gratitude for your patience and understanding over the last few days. While we know most normal materials couldn’t stand up to use at your full potential, these swords can. More importantly we picked them because of the parallels they represent in the qualities we admire most about you. The swords will never falter no matter how much they’re put through, never bend or break no matter how much stress they’re under, and will remain eternally razor sharp and ready to be wielded against the enemies of the Family without reserve. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us and wanted to try and say what we never could enough: thank you.


Julius, Valko and Roderick

Written on the back of the card, also in Classical Greek.

“The young have exalted notions, because they have not been humbled by life or learned its necessary limitations; moreover, their hopeful disposition makes them think themselves equal to great things—and that means having exalted notions. They would always rather do noble deeds than useful ones: Their lives are regulated more by moral feeling than by reasoning…. All their mistakes are in the direction of doing things excessively and vehemently. They overdo everything; they love too much, hate too much, and the same with everything else.”

Eyes Wide Open

“Again, men in general desire the good, and not merely what their fathers had.”

Our three rescues decided to take Alexander’s offer of a safe haven and will probably be spending the next few days at his penthouse. I know they all went through quite an ordeal but with two Daeva in the group I can’t help but think there’s interested in more than safety by accepting our sire’s hospitality. When he informed the family, I could have sworn I heard the slightest trace of contempt in his voice which almost suggested he was either thinking something similar or upset at the idea that there would be Kindred outside the family staying at one of his sanctuaries. I’m only thankful he didn’t ask me to stay behind and babysit since the Witches are gone and I’m able to start building a future here.

My first night out without worry for a coven of Witches lighting me on fire was exciting, to say the least. I’m still trying to make things work with Vita but every aspect of our relationship seems so drastically one sided. She feels very disconnected from everything happening around her, almost as though she’d rather be curled up on a couch with one of her books than out seeing what the night had to offer. Maybe it’s her age, maybe it’s the company she keeps. Still, it was nice to see her perk up a little later in the night.

Vita introduced me to a place known as the Goblin Market tonight which felt like nothing short of entering a new world. I’d never even dream so many supernatural things could exist in one place and the marvels were nothing short of incredible. A woman who sold bottomless purses, a man who made indestructible weapons in exchange for blood, a slaver who keeps other Supernaturals like livestock, a man who sells pets out of a magical cage, a fortune teller who can see the future, another still that can answer any question at only the highest of costs. Even the more mundane, like the little girl who sold paper flowers, was truly fantastical and strange. Stranger still is that I with the exception of the second fortune teller, never once did I feel as though any of the vendors asked too high a price. Vita said that it took her quite a bit of work to merit an invitation to the market and it’s easy to see why. Still had I not been with her I undoubtedly would’ve been even more lost than I already was. I bartered for a few things that caught my eye: a white lion who seemed more intelligent than most humans I’ve known, a keychain I’m not even sure has a magical function, two swords that will never dull or break for Alexander, and of course the pureblood Ventrue I rescued from bondage. I was surprised to see a Kindred there, for some reason I just didn’t think one would wind up in a cage, which makes me more than a little weary of her. Still the price for her freedom was about two dozen fights for her former owner, a very powerful creature (according to Vita) named Anlo. I wouldn’t think to replace her chains with a set of my own but if she feels any gratitude toward me at all, Bulgaria is a great place to satisfy ambition. Overall I found the market to be a truly incredible place and I can’t wait to return in a months time. Shame the market is only open one day a month, but I suppose scarcity is good for prices. Just wish I knew how to navigate the market a bit better is all.

Tomorrow night I meet with Avery and attempt to do the impossible: separate her from her Circle. The night after I’m off to meet the Alpha of all Werewolves and begin the hunt for his missing kin. For an immortal race that has nothing but time, I’m surprised at the urgency of Kindred culture. Even Julius, several hundred years old, still goes stir crazy when he’s forced to sit in a room for more than a few minutes at a time. Vita and I spoke about the ghoul staff I want to create and I reluctantly agreed to provide a little more “balance” in what we’re after. Ghouls have the potential to be forever so it just seems like with my new immortal disposition, I can afford to be picky.

Room to Breathe

“It is the nature of desire not to be satisfied, and most men live only for the gratification of it.”

After making sure the Witches met with a healthy dose of fire after Alexander was back on his feet, I took the “Bound” (Alexander’s own nickname for us) into the House to have a look around. Searching the car beforehand revealed three sets of fangs and I feared the worse. The house itself was perilous and Deliverance left more than a few surprises waiting for us. Turns out the house was, at one point, used to hold Werewolves in the lower dungeons and the entire building looked like something out of a horror movie. In the dungeon we found the kidnapped Kindred and were able to free them thanks to Elle supplying the fodder for the traps lining their cell doors. Admittedly I don’t know if we could have gotten them out without her help, magical traps aren’t really something any of us have experience with. The three look like they’d been through hell but Alexander brought them back to the Penthouse to revive them. That seemed a bit off color to me, he’d made a fairly big deal about not letting anyone know the location of our safe havens and yet he readily brought three Kindred in who could easily gleam the location. Luckily Stannis came up with a way to “re-insert” their fangs. Since I’m not sure if they can regenerate them (and I imagine Madison is the only one that potentially could), I’m glad I took the time to search the car and find them.

Both Madison and Vivienne wound up losing themselves to the Beast when they came to and drank themselves full. They all seemed more than a little stunned when they realized what was happening. From what I understand they’re all fairly young which means they undoubtedly feel a bit beholden to Alexander after drinking from him and they will for some time. Levi seemed to be chipper and made it a point to thank Fevrier which I later found out was for saving him from meeting final death when they were in custody. That struck me as an odd move for her but it’s probably the only reason Alexander will overlook the part she played in their kidnapping. If only Valko and I were so lucky. As if Valko’s situation wasn’t bad enough with the three children we had to promise Fevrier, he also took the heat for the stack of hats we put on the Kindred in torpor when Julius loaded them up in the SUV. I also told him about approaching Fevrier on my own. While he made it clear he felt this was an oversight on my part I still hold that everything went exactly as intended but I’m not about to argue with him, especially given how far I’ve already pushed things. Still, he seemed favorable to how things played out and all of the family came out in one piece so I call that a win.

Valko and I took some time during the day to swing by the new place I had requested from Alexander. I was pretty surprised at how fast he managed to move on things although he told me it was largely Alexander that made things happen. The building itself is more than I could’ve imagined with a ridiculous amount of space. The bottom floor will be perfect for a gym area and the top is a well-furnished living space. The place almost feels like it was custom built for me and I’m pretty surprised at how precisely Alexander pegged my taste. I don’t think I could’ve designed the building any better myself. The best part was the surprise waiting at in the garage. Apparently the family came together and brought the car of my dreams all the way over from the States. I was pretty beside myself when I saw it, I’d mentioned it once in passing to Julius and I certainly wasn’t expecting anything so extravagant. The rest of the first floor is open space which will be perfect for the training facility I was wanting to build. I thought about asking Fevrier to help but I think i’d rather work on it on my own. The whole show was overwhelming, I’ve never had anyone do anything even remotely like that for me.

Vita and I had some time to talk about our relationship. I haven’t really had time to ask her what her expectations were or what she wanted out of the whole situation. I guess I’m still a little bitter she made such a life-altering choice on my behalf but the perks are pretty incredible so it’s hard to stay upset. Still, I need to try and move past it since there’s nothing that can be done now and the arrangement seems to be holding for the time being. I’m trying to open up to her and include her in what I have planned which she’s been pretty receptive towards. While talking I managed to finally pull out of Vita how she felt about me which definitely wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t think she saw me as anything other than “best possible outcome” but apparently I’m a lot higher on her list than I thought. I can’t really think of any reason not to be involved with her so, continuing my string of really bad decisions, I decided to dig myself an even bigger hole. Anyone I drink from won’t taste as good as her, anyone I want to spend time with won’t hold my attention like she does, and it doesn’t seem like this will go away any time soon. Once more this is the strongest I’ve ever felt about anyone and while I’m sure magic has played no small part in it I just don’t see the need to fight it. I’m sure more than a few members of the family would be upset but I want things to be good between us and so far everyone I’ve met seems a pale shadow of a comparison when put up against her. So why not commit to it? Why not try to make the best of it?

Since Alexander has set me to the task of liaising with other supernatural creatures in the city I need to start building an infrastructure which is my next step. I’d like to have eyes and ears among all the supernatural creatures in Bulgaria which is no small task. She seemed fine with the idea until I brought up the Mages but they’re pretty crucial and I already have my sights set on Avery since she seems to be the current ring leader and forerunner for Mages in Bulgaria. Her and I are meeting for dinner tomorrow so I can review a few things with her and warm her up to the proposal I have for her.

Outside of that I’m looking forward to what comes next. I already have plans for a network of Ghouls I’m hoping to establish and have begun designs for the infrastructure I want to build in Bulgaria. Come tomorrow night I’ll message Falko for the belongings of his pack I need to track them down which I’m hoping will lead to the acquisition of another supernatural ghoul. From there if I can infiltrate said individual back into “the pack” then I’ll have a strong foothold with the Wolves. I’m hopeful Vita and I will be able to come up with a way to hide what they are from supernatural scrutiny so they aren’t ousted since that’s well within her purview and I doubt anyone in Bulgaria could match her in raw power. Vita also mentioned something about the market which sounds interesting and she’s right in that I’m definitely attracted to the strange and unusual. I never wanted to be just another knuckle dragger in the Family (not that I don’t enjoy butting heads with the toughest supernaturals in Bulgaria) so the new role Alexander gave me was a very welcome change. I wanted to be more involved in the intel side of things and I’m already in over my head after learning some pretty devastating secrets about two Family members. Lots of secrets in this Family, seems like trust only goes so far even between Alexander and his own.

Up in Flames

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.
We are what we repeatedly do.”

We met with Falco after some convincing to bring him and his tribe on board. He was clearly weary and brought a small army to confront the six of us which seemed to rub Julius the wrong way. But seeing what Witches are capable of has been an eye-opening experience and I believe that if we really were hostile his dozen or so Wolves wouldn’t have been enough. There was some posturing between us and on more than one occasion I was weary of Valko and Julius’ ability to keep their reserve. He wanted to posture and reassert that Wolves weren’t just kindling for the fire which I let him work out of his system. In truth that’s a small thing to ask for what we were wanting of him. Fevrier volunteered to have her blood tasted so Falko could trust what we were telling him and I’m surprised she agreed. I think he might have gleamed more than even she planned which I’m hoping to hear more about at a later time. Despite Falko’s slight hostility toward me he still treated the girls with care which endeared him to me somewhat. I appreciated his caution with the girls and the respect he treated them with which mattered far more to me than listening to him beat his chest. Part of our agreement was returning eight females, all with “cubs”, to his fold from the Ferals that took them. I’ll admit I was surprised by his request. Either he wanted to get something out of our deal and that was next on his list of things to accomplish or he foresees casualties among his own should he take it on himself. Still, the rescue of his own Pack isn’t something I thought he’d entrust to us and in a weird way made me more trusting of him. While I don’t agree with his assessment of what makes a tactical advantage, I did agree to let him scout out where the Witches were held up in hopes of ambushing them before the meeting. I didn’t think he’d move on the Witches without us and I know he wants to keep his own casualties to a minimum so I assumed he’d exercise appropriate caution.

After returning to prep the Family and seeing them all to sleep for the day, we took to the roof to watch the sun come up. I appreciated being present for Julius and Falko’s reactions, I know I’ve never really known what it’s like to miss the day like they do. Even though it doesn’t mean as much to me as it does to them I feel like I can appreciate what I have more through watching how they reacted. A third of the Family can now operate during the day and that’s no small thing. After we spent some time relaxing a bit, or at least as much as we could. I watched Vita destroy Valko as easily as he beat me in chess and tried to help him save a bit of face by pointing out that Vita can see the future even though her and I both know it doesn’t work like that. She really is just that good and why wouldn’t she be? She’s had a lot of time to practice.

I’m still making an effort to build something between us. I know some pretty basic psychology so things like keeping her around in extremely personal situations, times when I’d much rather be alone, are hopefully going to help me make a connection to her. Still, our interactions are verbal sparing matches while we try to feel out what each other is made of. I tried to open up to her about my only qualm with Alexander and how there’s one thing I wanted that’s lacking in our relationship. She made a solid case for why which I hadn’t considered and the fresh perspective helped a bit Ultimately I didn’t want her to do anything other than just listen since I’m trying to help her understand more about who I am. If she knows what’s important to me it puts her in a position to make decisions conscious of my feelings which would go a long way to gaining my trust but the conversation ended abruptly. She made an off-hand comment about Elle and I being “debbie downers” which put me off. Not because I was offended by what she said, I know most of what I talk with her about is rooted in sobering subjects, but because it abruptly occurred to me that Elle and I might have been a better match than I am with Vita. Once more, Julius and Vita probably would’ve been better together than the two of us are. I think that bothers me more than anything else, the diea that we’ll spend the rest of our existence together realizing we could have made a better choice. That line of thought takes me back to the idea that Vita might take it upon herself to make decisions she believes are best for all of us without consulting us. She hasn’t done anything since our first meeting that would lead me to believe she would but I don’t think she quite understands that I’d rather take second place with my own hard work than have someone give me first. Still, I respect her gift for insight and if she consulted me first I’d probably almost always concede. Most of what she’s told me so far is smoke instead of substance, and the only thing I know that’s of any value to me about her is that she doesn’t want to be alone.

I spent the day coming up with contingencies for the battle and I’ll be the first to admit that having the Witches on our side was extremely handy. They were able to negate my most serious concern which could have resulted in one of our deaths had it not been accounted for. With very little ceremony, they crafted a spell to render us immune to Witchfire which was alarmingly effective. Once again I’m reminded of how truly dangerous Witches can be in their own element but there’s no denying that they bring a pretty extreme advantage to the Family. As optimistic as I am about what we can accomplish together, I’m even more weary of what might happen should we have a falling out. Like everything that had happened up until this point, the ceremony made me even more weary of Vita and what she can do. I’m truly unsettled by the idea that the only reason we’re standing on equal footing is because of her self-imposed limitations but the only thing I can think to do is bust my ass until I can stand toe to toe with her. The beast in me isn’t worried, especially after ripping Ereshki to shreds, but this one time I just can’t accept it. There’s too much at stake.

Overall the battle went well. The Alpha’s tribe was more or less one giant deterrent and didn’t have much to do in the fight but the Alpha himself proved capable as expected. Fortunately for him the fight was over quickly because Ereshki used her power to incite infighting among his tribe. Strange that the only casualties suffered for the night were by those that weren’t even involved in the fight. He left pretty shortly after the Witch heads hit the floor to calm his pack, and I’m sure he’ll fault us for the loss of life, but it’s clear to me that Falco’s tribe isn’t nearly as disciplined as the family is. Falco’s weakness in his in pack, while Alexander’s strength comes from his. Still, we expected casualties and I don’t know what more Falco could have expected from us since it was the family, not his pack, that hit the Witches head on when the fighting started. Once more Falko seems to have taken a liking to Fevrier, he seemed humored (aroused maybe?) when she interrupted him to talk over him. Neither strikes me as the type that likes to share, hopefully the Tower of Sass realizes that.

Even after my warning to the family that Witch blood could be extremely toxic, Alexander still sunk his fangs into Deliverance. The side effects were severe but he seems to be making a quick recovery as expected. While all eyes were on him I was more interested in observing how the Family reacted to seeing him vulnerable. It’s pretty clear by their reactions that it’s been some time since anything meaningfully threatened Alexander. Admittedly I was worried about his well-being, I don’t know that I’m even capable of turning that off, but unlike probably everyone else in the family I agree with the call Alexander made. He took the most efficient route to quickly disable his foe even at great cost and prevented what could have been some pretty disastrous fallout had Deliverance even had three more seconds to wreak havoc upon us. Once more he found a very elegant way to only put himself in danger, spare the Family, and secure a decisive and swift victory while dealing with the repercussions after the fight had already concluded. Alexander is every ounce the tactician I’ve read and for the first time in a long time I was impressed by another soldier in the field. I always knew that Alexander was a warrior without peer in body, it’s reassuring to see that his mind is just as sharp as his sword. Not that there was ever any doubt. While I’m sure most of the Family was put off by his decision even though they’d never question him, I feel the exact opposite. It’s the first time I ever felt like I was truly a part of something bigger than myself and I’ll always remember the first time Alexander and I took the field together with both of us acting as extensions of the same person in both body and mind. I’ve been struggling to find my place in the world but after the events that unfolded last night, I’m happy with where I wound up.

Turn of Events

“If there is an end for all we do, it will be the good achievable by action.”

I’ve made a huge mess of things trying to finish what Vita started. I’ve been over it about a dozen times in my head and I don’t think we could’ve come out of this more favorably than we did but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t without cost. I decided to approach Fevrier on my own knowing she’d probably blow me out of the water, which she certainly did. I only took her a few minutes to realize what was happening and work magic on me to force the truth. I had a feeling something like that would happen which is why I took the risk. I know putting Eelon in torpor was going to upset Alexander and even though this was reckless, I thought I could solve the problem without his sacrifice. I was right but it was a huge gamble that could have lost us this battle. But that didn’t happen. Even though Elle came along without any demands, Fevrier still asked a high price to be paid of Valko and I know Alexander is less than thrilled with how things happened. I really do believe this was the best case scenario for what we were doing although you wouldn’t know it by taking stock of the Family. All the same, Alexander asked me to win this battle and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

I feel awful about what happened with Viktor but I know I made the right call. Valko, Julius and I are signing up for an eternity of managing a relationship the ridiculously powerful Witches that will only become more so as the years count on. Viktor can’t even go a week without his on-again-off-again lover being furious with him so I don’t think he’d be able to, or even want to for that matter, manage a relationship as permanent as soul binding. Elle might not have spoken up but in the brief few minutes she was with Viktor she was already more than a little put off by her and the last thing we need is a Witch pushed to her limits. Viktor loves to test boundaries and an angry, sun-hurling powerhouse is something the family can’t afford to have blow up in their face. Viktor might not ever forgive me but at the very least I positioned the ideal partners for the Witches to give us the best chance at making this whole thing work.

We’re on our way to talk to the Wolves and while I know Alexander wants us to be stingy in our negotiation, I imagine it’s going to take ample coaxing for them to agree to face our common foe. I’ve decided to let Valko take the lead since he has far more experience in these matters than I do. While my own negotiations have gone well so far, I don’t have the intel or the experience to win the Wolves over so I hope Valko can make up the difference. He’s been exceptional in every problem I’ve put him in so far, so I don’t think this will be any different.

Tomorrow night we force the final confrontation. Over half of the Covenant has turned on their former friends and we hold the advantage but we face the two Witches whose purviews are the most destructive. Undoubtedly there will be casualties but hopefully they will be weathered by the Wolves and not our own. The situation so far has been pretty awful and I’ve done damage to members of the Family, and my relationship with them, that will probably never be undone. Alexander is furious, Viktor is hurt, julius is at his whits end, and Valko was forced to sacrifice his relationship with Alexander all to see this through. And all of it is because of me. For the first few days I was actually excited at the prospect of having a family to be close to for a change but right now I’ve never felt more alone. I’ll drag the Family through this battle and I will make sure we win the day but I’m sure most of them will resent me for it. And yet, this is all familiar territory for me. This is exactly how things worked when I was still a human soldier, so I know what comes next. I’ve already made arrangements and called in a favor with Valko to try and put some distance between myself and the Family, maybe they can heal some of the wounds I ripped open in my absence.

Change in the Wind

“Even when laws have been written down, they ought not always to remain unaltered.”

Thanks to Julius’ boredom, I found a way to reach out to the Wolves to hopefully bring them on board with the plan to end Deliverance and also just happened to find my new favorite night spot. To my surprise there were a few Kindred there. I keep running into Ellis at all the place I’m not supposed to go which makes me think he and I might have something in common, even if it is just how we choose to spend our free time. They’ve already reached out requesting a meeting the following night but it wasn’t soon enough so I had to push back to meet tonight. They’re going to need time to rally forces and I doubt we can buy more than an hour or so before Deliverance goes nuclear.

We had a lot of pieces of this plan in motion but we’re running out of time. I think our best chance right now is to goad Deliverance into bringing her Kindred hostages alone to a meeting I arrange and have the Wolves ambush her. While that’s happening we can approach the other two (hopefully with two Witches of our own) and bring them into our fold. Even if the Wolves fail in killing Deliverance, we’ll be more than a match for her with the rest of her Covenant on our side. Conveniently this will not allow me enough time to track down the First which is probably for the best. If she wanted to be involved she wouldn’t have sent us away. Something tells me she would have rigid expectations even if she joined the fight which wouldn’t sit well with Alexander.

My relationship with Vita is still strained. The family by and large doesn’t trust her even though she’s been cooperative and for the monumental tasks we’re asking of her, the costs come equally as high. Still we have to keep pushing forward if we’re going to beat Deliverance at her own game and the advantage we have is that the chains she’s used to leash her Covenant are built on fear and promises of power, not respect. We can give them what they desire, more effectively than she can, which means that they’re little more than mercs for higher at this point. I know mercs, I used to be one, and they always side with the highest bidder. I’ve had a few glimpses into the careful web that Vita has been weaving for me and I have a feeling recent events are more than the snap decision of a Witch pushed to the edge by an insane Covenant leader. I don’t particularly know what that means for us, where we’ll wind up, what she wants to happen between us, or who has what power in our relationship but I’m trying to play it smart. I know I won’t have an edge over her after the Covenant is disbanded and she no longer has need of the necklace that affords me the advantage over her and I know that I don’t wish her any ill will despite what she’s put me through. What I’m not clear on are her intentions and machinations which means now is the time to secure a foundation between us while we’re both on relatively equal footing.

Underneath it all I’m still trying to get a handle on my instincts. The beast separates me into two people: the man I want to be, and the man I am underneath it all. No small part of me is interested in seeing the family thrive but there’s something bigger happening here. The supernaturals have been divided for quite some time and if Vita proved anything it’s that we’re surprisingly effective when we work together. I’d be content to just be a part of this family and continue the status quo but what if meeting Vita gave me the chance to do something more? What if I could usher in a new age for the family? What if we were no longer confined to the night. What if we had powerful allies wielding impossible magics at our behest? What if I could bring together all of these creatures that, while impressive on their own merit, would be a force unlike any the world has seen? Seems strange that a week old Kindred would hold such lofty expectations for the Family, much less be the one to see them through, but the world is always changing and we have to adapt to survive. I have a vision for a more powerful Family unrivaled by any supernatural creature the world over. An army unmatched by anything else the world has ever known. Right now it may seem like we’re giving ground in order to survive but like it or not this is an arms race and I would see the Family holding the biggest guns.

A Lot To Take In

Where do i even start? Everything got turned upsidedown when we rescued Vita, the Witch that worked a spell on me the first night I was a Vampire. She answered all our questions and put all the pieces into place as to what the Mages and Witches are trying to accomplish here in Bulgarian. If nothing else i have all the answers now which, to my surprise, didn’t lead to more questions. Everything happening in Sofia right now is reminiscent of how things have always been: dark, brutal, final. Witches and Mages are both gunning for immortality, plain and simple. If Vita is right they’re both a ways from achieving it, Mages more so than Witches.

I don’t know anything about magic, souls, or much else for that matter, but this whole thing has a kind of credibility to it. When I hear what Vita says about what she did and how she went about it, it all just sort of makes sense. A part of me entertained the idea that she was manipulating me (more than the obvious I mean) even though I wanted to believe what she was telling me. We spent some time together while the others slept and I found out that my Disciplines work on her. I felt a little unsettled about the whole experience but I need to prepare for the worst. What happened next completely caught me off guard. The way she responded, the way we moved together, how she’s starting to feel about me and I’m starting to feel about her. . . Julius is right, I’m in way over my head here.

The more I witness the condition of vampirism the more it becomes apparent we’re highly evolved creatures, although after meeting the First I wonder whether it’s by design or natural selection. Everything from the way we feed to the fact that we can become infatuated with blood, a biological (if not outright magical) response guaranteed to capture our interest and inspire us seem to be all the Kindred need to keep the centuries vibrant. It’s no wonder most Kindred are slaves to their passions. After all the centuries they’ve lived, what else is there? What else is there for anyone, for that matter?

As much as I want to resent Vita for what she did I can’t help but feel some kind of wholeness when I’m with her. All the pitfalls so far seem little more than minor inconveniences compared to the perks. Sharing power between us makes us both far more powerful than we ever were alone. We sacrifice some conveniences to rid ourselves of our greatest weaknesses. Once more being around Vita is as easy as breathing and as much as I want to resent her for what she did, every time I let it bubble up within me I’m disarmed by those ethereal eyes of hers and it all just seems to slip through my fingers.

Alexander asked me if I could put her down should she get out of control when we woke her. I told him in confidence I could, I was sure of myself and my loyalty to the family but after just one short night with her I’m starting to question myself. What happens if Alexander decides this is all for not and wants to end things? Could I just let her go? I’m worried the answer is no but it’s only the human part of me that’s nervous. The human part of me is still concerned with things like staying alive and saving face. I think the beast has a more eternal perspective on things and knows that drawing lines and holding onto what’s important is worth risking everything for. I’ve never felt like I do right now. I’ve never felt apart of something bigger than just me, like I was meant to do something extraordinary. Terrible maybe, but extraordinary all the same. If we really are bound by our souls to one another then we’re two halves of the same whole. That’s a pretty devastating realization, and all this for a girl I’ve known for a grand total of 12 hours tops.

Tomorrow marks the end of my first week as one of the Kindred and as one of the Family. In the last week I’ve met an Ancient, fought a pack of Werewolves and animated marble children, bound my soul to a mage to grant her true immortality, started a war with one of the oldest Witch Covenants in the world, and forged an unprecedented alliance between Kindred and Mages. Something tells me eternity will be anything but boring if this first week is any indicator. Ironically I feel like, ever since I became immortal, my life is in far more danger than it ever was when I was alive.

Reading back over what I wrote, I realize it’s almost all about Vita. Maybe that’s true for more than just the worlds on this page. Dear God, what the hell have I gotten myself into?


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