Building Alexander


Disciplines Animalism 6, Auspex 6, Celerity 7 (All Techniques except Blinding Movement which he has in Vigor), Nightmare 6, Protean 8, Resilience 8 (All Techniques), Vigor 8 (All Techniques)
Devotions Alexander knows all Devotions he meets the prerequisites for
BP: 8 (40 Vitae Total / 8 per Turn)

Custom Devotions

Like most Elder Kindred, Alexander’s greatest strength comes from the Devotions he has developed through his Elder mastery of the Disciplines. Many would consider Alexander’s avoidance of certain Disciplines as a tactical mistake but the impossibly brilliant General simply uses his mastery of other Disciplines to pick up the slack when necessary.

Immortal General’s Blade
Requirements: Protean 6, Resilience 6
It’s no secret that Alexander favors a certain blade that he used while human and keeps it on him. While he lets the masses thing the blade is an enchanted weapon of sorts, the truth is that the sword is completely mundane: it’s Alexander’s own power that fuels it. After an hour long ritual requiring the investment of 5 Vitae, Alexander can treat the sword as if it was a part of his own flesh to target the weapon with his Protean abilities. This includes everything from something mundane as allowing the weapon to deal aggravated damage to the truly fantastical such as spending Vitae to transform the blade into an animal that can find its way to him.

Although Alexander would never stoop to feeding off lowly humans, his blade absorbs the life force of his enemies to fuel him further. For every 3 lethal health levels of damage he deals, Alexander regains a single Vitae. This rate of return is doubled (3 Lethal for 2 Vitae) against Supernatural creatures with a Supernatural Tolerance below his own or tripled (1 Lethal for 1 Vitae) for a foe with a Supernatural tolerance equal to or higher than his own. Lastly, Alexander gains the 8-again quality on all attacks with his weapon of choice and can substitute his Weaponry rating in place of Athletics to determine his Defense while armed if he desires.

Aura of the Unassailable Warlord
Requirements: Auspex 6, Nightmare 6
The only thing more terrifying than Alexander’s reputation is the mastery of this Devotion which he uses from time to time against more powerful Kindred just to remind them why he’s the master of all he surveys. Activating this Devotion is Reflexive and costs no Vitae, affecting everyone that can see Alexander. Alexander is free to determine which affects of his aura apply and can exclude anyone he desires from the aura’s effects.

If Alexander has yet to take any hostile actions, the Aura has a subtle yet potent effect on those around them. Those affected suffer his Nightmare as a penalty to any actions that do not directly involve or address Alexander. Any actions taken by those Alexander is aware of which could yield results the target knows are unfavorable to Alexander suffer a similar penalty. Finally, should Alexander address a creature targeted by his Aura, they suffer a penalty equal to his Nightmare to deceive him in any way.

If Alexander decides to become hostile (typically by joining Initiative), then his Aura switches focuses. Alexander adds his Nightmare to all rolls to contest supernatural powers that directly target him. Further, Alexander can reduce the physical Disciplines of other Vampires by up to his Nightmare, distributed in any manner he sees fit. He doesn’t remove the Disciplines from the Kindred, they’re just too terrified to use their skills to their full supernatural potency. Finally every creature subtracts his Nightmare rating from their Initiative rating. Unlike the passive aura, these

The effects of his Aura can be contested, but Alexander gains the Rote and 9-again quality on contested rolls including Clash of Wills. Typically creatures resist the aura with Resolve + Blood Potency and Alexander opposes with Presence + Intimidation + Nightmare.

Flesh of my Flesh
Requirements: Protean 7, Resilience 7
While Alexander’s reputation for not having lost a single child is due to his tactical expertise and impeccable choice in gifted combatants, he developed this Devotion relatively recently and none of his Progeny are aware of it. Alexander himself isn’t even sure if he will ever use the Devotion but that doesn’t stop him from being prepared for any situation. Whether or not any of his children slain will be left to their fate is a question only Alexander can answer.

Alexander can tap the blood sympathy of any Childer he has created that has tasted his Vitae at least once after their embrace which affords him a few options. First Alexander intuitively knows the distance and direction of his Childer and their general condition (such as how many health levels they’ve lost, how much Vitae they have, and if they suffer from any Tilts). Second, if his Childer suffer an injury that would place them in torpor or final death, he may reflexively roll his Resilience + Blood Potency. He may then spend a number of Vitae equal to the successes rolled to activate Disciplines on his Progeny’s behalf. Alexander uses his own Blood Potency and Resilience rating to determine the effectiveness of Vitae spent.

For each additional time after the first in the same Scene Alexander activates this Devotion for one of his Progeny, he suffers a -1 cumulative penalty for each additional activation (tracked separately among his progeny). Further Alexander suffers a penalty on the activation roll depending on the distance between him and the chosen progeny: -0 for the same city, -1 for the same country, -2 for the same continent, -3 for a different continent, and -4 for a different hemisphere.

Leash the Beast
Requirements: Animalism 6, Resilience 6
Like most ancient Kindred, Alexander has developed a mastery of the beast that fools many to believe he completely controls it. This Devotion grants Alexander the following benefits:

  • Alexander needs only 3 successes to “Ride the Wave”.
  • While riding the Wave, Alexander can attempt a Resolve + Composure to come out of Frenzy with a difficulty equal to the largest negative modifier his roll is currently suffering from (minimum 1) but may only do so once per scene.
  • Alexander can drive another creature with a supernatural rage either into or out of their frenzied state. He can attempt to do so on one target Reflexively each turn for 1 Vitae with a Presence + Intimidation + Animalsim contested by the target’s Resolve + Composure + Blood Potency. Alexander benefits from any Blood Sympathy bonuses on this Contested roll.



20 vs Unarmed Opponents, 16 vs Armed Opponents (including Firearms)
Alexander does not suffer penalties to his Defense until he’s attacked by 10 opponents.
Armor 8
This armor applies against all damage except sunlight.
For 1 Vitae, Alexander Can:

  • Take an Instant action before his opponent
  • Downgrade 8 health levels of damage
  • Reduce damage by 8 health levels (4 if aggravated)
  • Heal 10 bashing, 5 lethal, or 1 aggravated damage (3 Agg for 2 Vitae)
  • Remove all Tilts and Conditions currently affecting him


Sword 22 successes + 8A damage

Alexander’s Sword – Attack 8 (Strength) + 8 (Vigor) + 8 (Melee) + 1 (Specialty) + 8 (Equipment / Protean) = 33 dice with the 7-again quality
Alexander can further augment his attacking ability by:

  • Spending 1 Willpower to Ride the Wave (he can usually succeed the roll to reflexively Frenzy) which adds an additional 8 dice to his attack pool
  • Spend 1 Vitae to add 7 dice to his attack roll

Alexander averages 22 successes each attack (13 + 5 + 2 + 2) but can easily swing another 3 successes (7 if Frenzying)

Alexander’s Sword – Damage 8 (Base Sword) Aggravated Damage
Alexander can ignore up to mundane Armor/Durability Rating 8
Alexander can augment his damage in the following ways:

  • For 1 Vitae, Alexander can add 8 damage to any attack
  • For 1 Vitae, Alexander can hurl any opponent 3 yards / damage dealt


Alexander’s Base speed is 24 yards
Alexander can modify his speed in the following ways

  • For 1 Vitae, he can multiply his final speed by 9 (216 yrds/turn [147 mph], or 432 yrds/turn running [294 mph]) in combat
  • For 4 Vitae out of Combat, Alexander can run at 294mph for 8 hours in his human form
  • While shapeshifting into a Cheetah (his fastest form), Alexander can run at 34 yrds (23mph – base combat speed), 306 yrds/turn (208mph – walking combat speed) for 1 Vitae, or 612 yrds / turn running (417mph – running overland speed) for 8 hours by spending 4 Vitae

Building Alexander

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