Changeling Reference

Combat Abilities

TypeCostActionDurationDie PoolEffect
Utility1GInstantTurns=SuccInt+WyrdDraw one object from subject’s previous dreams (permanent on exc succ)
Movement1GInstantInstantInt+Wyrdenter sleepers dream and travel up to 10 mi/succ
Debuff1GInstantIndefinite-targets next action suffers -2
Buff1GInstantIndefinite-+4 on next action
Buff1GInstantIndefinite-next action gains 8-again
Buff1GInstantSceneSta+Wyrdmimic one feature of a target
Buff1GInstantSceneSta+Wyrdincrease/decrease Size by 1/succ
Buff1GInstantSceneStr+Wyrd1L Natural Weapon OR +3 Speed OR +4 Init OR Ignore wound pen OR 3/1 Armor
Buff1GInstantSceneStr+Wyrdmimic one object
target is blinded
Buff3G+1WExt/1 Turn1 DayWit+Wyrdone object gains +Wyrd die bonus
Debuff2GInstantInstantPre+Wyrdobject stops working (Int+Cra-Succ) to fix
Debuff1GInstantSceneMan+Wyrd-Restarget suffers -Wyrd to Resolve/Composure rolls
Movement3GInstantReflexiveAth+Wyrdmove any orientation along any stable surface (up walls)
Debuff2G+1WInstant3 Turns/
touch target half speed/defense/init/Str/Dex die pools (round up on exc succ)
Buff2GInstantScene--Wyrd dam from 1 element, immune to side effects
Buff2GInstantSceneDex+Wyrd1 Armor, 1/2 Wyrd lhls dam on contact
Offense3GInstantInstantMan+Wyrdcontrol element w/in wpx2 yrds, move at 20 yrds/turn, volume based on succ
Offense4GExt/1 TurnSceneWit+Wyrdcreate element (5 succ min) of varying volume w/in Wyrd x 10 yrds
Buff4GInstantSceneMan+Wyrd+1/2 Wyrd to Strength + Armor
Buff4GInstantSceneMan+Wyrdincorporeal, x3 speed, no physical attributes
Offense1GReflexiveInstantStr+Wyrdadd succ to Strength for action (8-again on exc succ)
Buff3G+1WInstantSceneRes+Wyrd+1/succ to: Init OR Sta OR Str OR Armor OR Wound Pen Red
Healing1G+1WInstantInstantWit+Med+Man(Sp)downgrades 1lhl/succ or heals 1 bhl/succ (exc succ downgrades 1ahl/1G spent)
redirects targets wrath to present, visible target
Buff2G+1WInstantSceneSta+AK+Man(Su)berserk, +2 Physical rolls, no calm, ignore wound pen, stay conscious
Buff2GInstantSceneSta+Bra+Man(Su)+1 Str, add’l +1/3 succ (exc succ also adds to Sta)
Offense3GInstantInstantDex+Ath+Man(Su)-Deflethal sunbeam, 10/30/50 range (+1wp for agg)

Social Abilities

TypeCostActionDurationDie PoolEffect
Offense2GInstantSceneExp+Wyrd+Wyrd to Expression and Presence rolls
Buff3GInstantScenePre+Wyrdshow true form, 4 dot striking looks (stacks), humans cannot atk
all w/in 3xWyrd yrds flee, -2 on all actions, fail still gives +2 Intimidate
Offense3G+1WExt/1 minInstantExp+Wyrd
5 succ min, reweave memories of crowd w/ performance
learn one subject’s desire
Offense2G(+1W)Inst/ContDay/SuccMan+Per+Man(Sp)-Resalters desire (+1wp for supernaturals, exc succ change = permanent)
become person target would most like to see (-succ from rolls to notice)
Buff3GInstantTurns=WyrdPres+Soc+Man(Su)-Com1/scene drain wrath for +1/succ to resolve tension

Utilitarian Abilities

TypeCostActionDurationDie PoolEffect
Stealth1GInstantIndefinite-change evidence left behind
Stealth1GInstantSceneInt+Wyrderase all tracers (mundane tracking impossible, -2 supernatural tracking)
Stealth1GInstantSceneWit+Wyrd+3 Stealth (+5 on exc succ)
Stealth1G+1WInstant1 min/succInt+Wyrdinvisible (scene on exc succ)
Debuff2GInstantInstantPre+Wyrdobject stops working (Int+Cra-Succ) to fix
Healing3G1 HourInstantSta+Wyrdeat to convert 2 lhls to bhls or 1ahl to lhl per succ rolled

Balance Notes

  • Most of these Contracts have a “Catch” that makes them free
    • A Changeling wearing a gold necklace can fire indefinite aggravated sunblasts at a vampire, holy shit
  • I’d probably discount Contracts by 1G (1 Glamour)
  • All 1G Contracts (before aforementioned discount) could be Reflexive

Changeling Reference

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