Custom Merits

Witch Hunter

(Style, • to •••)

Sense Magic (•)
Prerequisites: Auspex •
This power augments the Kindred’s existing supernatural senses (typically Auspex, but not necessarily) allowing him to sense magic in the world around him. This merit augments his supernatural sense to allow him the benefits of Mage Sight (Mage the Awakening p.112) through his supernatural sense. This ability does not afford any of the spell-specific benefits of Mage Sight, merely the baseline effect.

Resist Magic (••)
Prerequisites: Resilience ••
The Kindred becomes resilient to spells that target him. This merit grants him the 8-again quality on the Resilience Technique “Stalwart Resolve” when resisting magic. If the Kindred activates this Technique immediately after succumbing to a spell and succeeds in the opposed roll, then he prevents the spell from affecting him entirely.

Sunder Magic (•••)
Prerequisites: Vigor ••••
The pinnacle of his study, this merit allows the Kindred to tear asunder ongoing magical effects. The Kindred must be able to sense the magical effect in question (typically through the ability granted by the first merit in this Style) and be able to make physical contact with the ongoing effect (typically the area or target). The Kindred then spends a single Vitae and makes a (Resolve + Occult + Vigor) roll as an instant action with a difficulty of the potency of the spell. Success immediately and harmlessly ends the ongoing spell effect.

Custom Merits

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