Ghoul To Do List

Ghoul Army Notes


  • While Ghouls are working to help each other (aid rolls), they gain the 8-again quality on all rolls

Ghoul Task List


  • Going somewhere? Take one of the boys with you.


  • Fake IDs for all
  • Bank Accounts for Ghouls
    • Transfer 10K into each
  • Start writing algorithms / programs to sweep for “unusual stuff”
    • Specifically targeting supernatural activity in Bulgaria


  • Relocate father to Bulgaria

Colette + York

  • Company credit cards
  • Coordinate with Valko’s Ghoul
  • Umbrella company setup


  • Work with the Ghouls to consolidate their existing debt
    • Roderick will take on their debt since they don’t have a steady source of income

Ross, Brand

  • Train Disciplines
  • Start training the girls

Ross, Brand, Maine

  • Come up with a “Company Uniform”
    • Light Vest, Taser, Zip Strips, Mace, Light Hand Gun, Ear Pieces, Cell Phones
  • Come up with functional informal ware


  • Train with the boys
  • Fix the room he destroyed


  • Just keep being you sweety

Ghoul To Do List

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