Roderick Rote Notes

Supernatural Vision1PrimeInstantProlongedCovert-Wit+Occ+BP
Counterspell Prime2PrimeInstantLastingCovert1 VitaeCom+Occ+BP

Rote Descriptions

Supernatural Vision
Mage Sight, +1 to sense Magic / mana / tass / enchanted Items / Hallows, Instant to determine nature of creatures

Counterspell Prime
Subtract successes from target spell’s potency, counter from any Arcanum, can counter Covert spells without identifying components, can counter higher Init spells (like Dodge)

Future Purchases

Prime Tree
1. Supernatural Vision (Wit+Occ) – mage sight, see resonance
2. Counterspell Prime (Com+Occ) – counterspell any arcanum
3. Imbue Item (Com+Cra) – imbue item with spell
4. Supernal Dispellation (Res+Occ) – unmake any spell

Matter Tree
1. Detect Substance (Wit+Com) – detect one kind of substance in range
2. Transmute Water (Int+Occ) – changes one liquid into another
3. Transmute Earth (Int+Occ) – changes one common solid into another
4. Transmute Gold (Wit+Occ) – changes mundane material into precious material
5. Raw Creation (Res+Occ) – create raw matter from nothing

Spirit Tree
1. Spirit Tongue (Pre+Emp) – see, hear and speak with spirits in Twilight
2. Analyze Spirit (Int+Occ) – learn Rank/Influence/Ess of spirit
3. Rouse Spirit (Man+Per) – wake the spirit of an item
4. Essence Gift (Pre+Emp) – converts Vit into Ess for spirit
5. Shape Spirit (Int+Occ) – create or alter a spirit

Space Tree
1. Finder (Int+Inv) – track a single item anywhere
2. Intrusion Warning (Com+Inv) – alert when something crosses threshold, can exempt things
3. New Threads (Man+Occ) – create sympathetic connection
2b. Scrying (Int+Inv) – remote view location
4. Teleportation (Int+Occ) – teleport anywhere with sympathetic connection (Vulgar, 1 mana)

Roderick Rote Notes

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