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Primal Urge

Primal UrgeRegeneration

Note: 1 Essence for the turn allows the Werewolf to regenerate Lethal in place of Bashing

Turns = Stamina + Primal Urge, then shift down or enter Death Rage

  • Regenerate all Bashing and Lethal every turn
  • Teeth and Claws are +2L , +3 Init weapons
  • Apply Defense vs Firearms
  • +3 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +2 Stamina, +2 Size, +3 Perception

Combat Abilities
Abilities available to all Wolves to use in fights, most combat-capable Wolves will have a few.

TypeCostActionDurationDie PoolEffect
Defense1 EssReflexiveInstantNoneinterrupt action to move speed
Defense1 Ess (Rage)ReflexiveInstantNoneReduce damage by Glory or heal 1 physical Tilt
Both1 EssReflexiveInstantNoneadd Honor to Gauru duration
Offense1 Ess (Rage)ReflexiveInstantNoneadd Purity to damage on attack in Gauru
Both1 EssInstantSceneNonemultiply jumps by Glory + 1, 1 Ess for x2 speed for 1 Turn
Offense1 EssReflexiveInstantNoneBrawl attack inflicts Defense penalty equal to Honor for Pack
Offense1 Ess (Rage)ReflexiveSceneNoneadd Purity to Strength

(Rage) in Cost indicates this ability is Free if the Werewolf is in Basu-Im/Death Rage
Note Renown (Cunning, Wisdom, Glory, Honor, Purity) ranges from 1 to 5

Rahu / Full Moon
Advanced abilities of the Warrior caste that are particularly good at kicking ass

TypeCostActionDurationDie PoolEffect
Offense1 EssReflexiveSceneNone8-again on Brawl/Weaponry rolls
DefenseNoneNonePermanentNone+Purity to Health
Offense2 EssReflexive1 turn/succWit + Bra + Purinflict 1 tilt on hit or when hit, +1 turn / KO
Both1+ EssInstant1+ TurnsSta + Sur + Pur1 Ess / turn to fuel, pick 1 benefit / success: +2 Str, +2 Sta, +1 Armor, +1L damage

Werewolf Reference

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