Roderick To Do List

Special Orders

  • Gun that requires an 8 Strength (Rifle?)
  • Silver alloy Titanium Handucffs
    • Standard cuffs are a -4

Current To Do

  • Search Bulgaria for a Changeling
    • Someone that can maybe produce something for the Goblin Market?
    • Creature that can readily go into the Hedge?
  • Ask if the Werewolves can make Fetishes (see Wolves section)
    • Need Goats for this
  • Meeting with Family tomorrow at midnight
  • Gregor on his way to pick me up to talk about the Wolf situation
  • Pick up 2 Wolves to take to the market to trade to Anlo
  • Tell Eva, the Antediluvian, about her sire


  • Exchanged their help for hunting down ferals and returning 8 females (with cubs)
  • There are two “packs” in Bulgaria, we’re working with one lead by Falco
  • Is Alexander a Dead Wolf? If so what does that mean?
  • Fetish Ideas:
    • Fetish that can convert Vitae to Essence
    • Packstone (1, Lodges Faithful) – Know direction and health of packmates
    • Silence of Death Klaive (4, Signs) – Resolve vs activation, failure means no communication allowed
    • Milewalker’s Cloth (5, Rage) – travel between worlds to move in 1/6 time (1hr travel in 10 min)
    • Rune Stone of Balance (2/3, Tribes) – +2/3 to resist Death Rage (frenzy?)


  • Gosh Fev, where are the pups?
  • Gosh Fev, where are the 50K vamps that came from the same place as the Wolves?
  • Fev wants to borrow Roderick for 48 hours


  • Invite Stannis/Gregor/Marius to go hunting for Wolves?
  • “Close the Gap” with Eva

For Cleo

  • Wardrobe and cellphone (Done)
  • Place to stay (Done)
  • Feed her (Done)
  • Teach her how to drive (Pending)
  • Kill Trevor (Pending)

Other Kindred

  • Catch back up with Levi and Vivienne to make sure they’re recouping okay (probably should do that with Madison too)

Random Ideas

  • Could learn Blood Tenebrous, first two dots allow Vitae to be converted to Essence

Goblin Market

  • Still Owe Anlo 15 fights (max 2/night)

Roderick To Do List

Bulgarian Hit Jonathonathon